Four-Step Dream Granting Process

First Step – Dream Referral
The Make A Dream Come True (Lions) Society receives dream referrals from several sources, including medical professionals, social workers and referrals from the community.

Second Step – Determining Eligibility
Any adult who is a resident of Edmonton, Alberta with a terminal illness may be eligible for a dream. The applicant must submit an application and supporting documentation, including a doctor's note describing the illness, the prognosis of the illness and the applicant's ability to participate in the proposed dream. The applicant must be able to identify a dream and cannot have received a prior dream from a dream-granting organization. The applicant's treating physician makes the final determination of whether the applicant is medically eligible and able to participate in the dream.

Third Step – Identifying the Dream
After the applicant's treating physician confirms that the applicant is medically eligible, the Make A Dream Come True (Lions) Society reviews the dream application.

Fourth Step – Granting the Dream
Once the society approves the applicant's dream, the society determines the budget for the dream and puts forward a request to Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis (AGLC). The society limits its involvement in the dream to supplying the approved funding for the dream and assisting with arranging the dream. The society does not assume any liability for any emergency or medical expenses incurred.

Criteria for Financial Assistance

• Terminally ill adults (18 years or older)
• Unable to finance own dream
• Inadequate or no financial support
• Medically eligible to undertake desired dream – confirmed by attending physician.